BJ White Electrics staff participated in an innovative forum about printing solar cells. Recently, Dr Scott Watkins at the CSIRO has developed a method of printing solar cells by using a commercial screen printer. See this video by clicking on this link

The cells are printed with an ink. The cells are then simply laminated using a common laminating machine. This process has taken up to 8 years to develop.

Future applications for its use are quite promising. We will be able to install these cells on buildings, windows, and many other surfaces. This thin film PV will spawn a new way of creating solar power. It is likely that you will see this type of power being used to light magazine racking, in-store advertising and stands in the near future. BJ White Electrics is proud to be associated with these cutting edge innovations developed by the CSIRO. For more information see

Source: PRINTING SOLAR CELLS (September 1st, 2013)